I tend to percieve the country generally moving left, likely due to living in California. Then I read this:

“Republicans control 33 governors’ offices and both houses in 25 states. Democrats totally control five states, down from seven; that’s the fewest since the Civil War, when there were only 34 states.”


“Since [Obama] took office Democrats have lost 69 seats in the House of Representatives, 13 Senate seats and 12 governorships.”

“Republicans won 46 additional state legislative seats in November, to give them 4,170, just under 60 percent of the total. Fully 27 state legislative chambers have turned Republican during Obama’s reign. The GOP now controls 33 governors’ chairs and every chamber in the South, the most powerful position since the party’s founding in 1854"


When you spend time reading Blogs Formerly Known As Gawker Media, it is easy to believe that the Republican party is archaic and not representative of the people, but these numbers seem to say otherwise.

There is more going on here than Trump, who is by no means a mainstream Republican.

I voted for Obama twice, and Johnson this time. Although I lean left/libertarian, I feel no connection to the Democratic party. The people they hold up as progressive leaders ars old. Sanders is 75. Warren is 67. Who is on the bench?


I think history will be kind to Obama, certainly moreso than George W. I am curious to get past the handwringing to see how a Trump administration will actually govern. He may surprise us, he certainly has so far.

I am curious about how thise of you in other parts of the country see things. Sorry for the political post. Here is some 80s goodness tp lighten the mood.