I have had great luck with auto trader. I sold an E55 in two weeks and a supercharged BRZ in 5 days! I even got a drive in a GT-R out of the BRZ sale.

So when one of the partners at my firm asked me to help slang his 2010 Nissan Altima, regretfully I said “no problem!” I thought it would be a breeze because hes asking far less than most comps on auto trader. It’s a black Altima (base) with 48,000 miles. He’s asking 8k. The car has never been in an accident etc...

I figured if I could sell a BRZ with less than 10k on the clock, and more than 12k in mods, that I could sell any car. However, selling a beigemobile is proving much more difficult.


It’s been on auto trader for two weeks with no hits. Pics are bad and he didn’t spring for the premier listing, but the only interest I have had was from a facebook “yardsale” group and that fell through.

Any oppos have any advice on this? Companies that will just buy your car (wholesalers)?