4 o’clock lug nut cap was stripped so I had to remove trim cap
FUDGE!!! only thing I could think of
Jack from equinox


Tire holder bolt stuck in place.
Always expect your spare tire to be low on air


Free air at QT is a Garuntee

With your coworker getting a flat on the way to pick up the work truck. A photo essay.

Since we were way off the side of the highway I felt safe enough to snap some photos while he wrestled with the 30 year old spare tire holder.


We are now on our way & I confiscated some cookies & M&M’s from front office area.

Last time I went to Dodge City, KS. This time it’s just the south side of KC.

Keep truckin’ Oppo.

Cookies on the dash warming in the sun. Nom nomm nom