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How do you think would/should ray-traced heat work?

Now, we know that both the newest Gran Turismo and Forza games will take advantage of the ray-tracing AMD’s RDNA2 graphics will supposedly provide. But besides lighting, how could the feature be maximized to affect driving dynamics and weather on the ground?


As I have a child’s understanding of programming and game-dev, all this will sound like conjecture. But I reckon each ray of sunlight can also provide a heat value to the air, tarmac and the cars themselves, thus affecting how the tyres react to the track (among other factors). And with dynamic weather models, cloud cover can more tangibly affect temperatures in ways that a pre-programmed or procedural model can’t match by themselves. Something similar (ray-traced particles...?) can also be done to more accurately model rain effects, dust, dirt and rubber marbling.

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