How does an EB110's window open?

I was watching endless EB110 documentaries recently and I’ve made a sickening discovery.


Look at this cheeky bastard, flexing on us all with the secret knowledge that BOTH the little hatch and the main window roll down! I suspect this is some sort of prototype and the feature was changed. In my travels I’ve only ever seen the little part rolled down - surely, that’s why there is a little part at all.

As a side note I’m a bit miffed about the whole idea of the little window. It’s one of those car things where you hear endlessly conflicting reports whereby people present a theory which makes sense in their head or seems logical as if it’s hard fact. Sort of like snow tyres vs AWD and warming up an engine vs driving it immediately and engine braking and skipping gears and so on and so forth.

I’ve long thought it was because the shape of the door wouldn’t allow the whole window to slide down far enough to be acceptable. But I’ve recently heard that for this car, it was because the larger side glass couldn’t hold up against the pressure of the aerodynamics at max speed - never mind the windshield I guess which is right in the thick of it.


Special mention to my man Doug who made an excellent vid on the SVX recently, but specifically mentioned he’d get into why the windows where done that way, and never got around to mentioning it.

Mystery I suppose.

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