Mexico City’s finest got a new design scheme to go with the new mayor !

To my best understanding, these are the V6 chargers, MXPD also uses Ford Fusion Hybrids, Nissan Tsurus, altimas, Jeep Wranglers, and RAM 1500s. As for the motorcycles, they use Ninja 600s

I don’t hate it. It seems a little strange though....I don’t have anything against the current dark blue over yellow/red/light blue (to identify different police corporations) but the matte certainly makes the standard-issue charger look good.

It’s said that the average Mexico City police officer makes a whopping half of their monthly income in bribes! in total making around 1,500 dollars a month; double the average income in the capital, and four times higher than the average income in the country.

Since our mayor is a “hippie” she also got rid of the “granaderos” riot police, that have a history of being violent with protestors. The new force is made up of the same people, but it has a new name so... improvement?

I do like the robin hood and smokey the bear impersonators.

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