Here's my query for the day - my career feels a little stalled and I'd like to consider new options.

The year after I graduated college, and had begun my public sector career, a friend of mine got me an interview at Motor Trend. I hung out with some of the guys, visited the garage. Then Peterson sold to EMAP and it all fell apart.

The month before I eft for grad school, I was offered an entry-level PR job with Ford Racing in Dearborn. I declined and got my MA instead (it also involved 2 years in England).

When COTA was announced, I hit the pavement with a head full of steam. However, it seems I pissed them off with some critical part-time blogging for an F1 site, with regard to their track rental policy, prohibited items, parking, etc. Besides, I've found they outsource almost all of their communications work. They're sorta snooty, too. Not really car people. Not really my kind of people.

Oh, and that's what I do. I write. I edit. I manage projects. I solve problems. I handle crisis communications. I build things like communications plans and web sites. Essentially of a jack of all trades, which is a valuable asset in the public sector, but not so much in the private sector. They want to see a specialization. They want agency experience. They want laser-like focus. Egad.


Anyway, let's suppose I have a BA and an MA, almost 15 years of experience, and a real passion for the auto industry... ideas? With a new baby in the house, I know now is not the time to reboot the career, but I think within the next two or three years it's a distinct possibility. I'd go so far as to say probability.

ANYWAY, just thinking out loud. Maybe we start the Jalop Career Builders Forum, or somesuch...