Any fan of Top Gear knows that they dislike caravans. In America, we don't really have caravans like they do over there. We do have RVs. And these converted vans like that above. Truck Yeah posted this article about the new Sprinter Airstream Conversion and it got me thinking... what does Oppo think about these?


To be entirely honest, when I hit it kind of big, I dream of having something like this. I want to get a Sprinter Van conversion like this (or even a Class B, like shown below) and drive around the country.

It seems like an incredible way to see the country. These are comfy, have a ton of stuff in them (depending on how you option them), and aren't too bad on gas.

And prices are around $130,000, which isn't that bad. You could live in one of these, very easily.


This here looks nicer than any apartment I can get for that price! So, Oppo, can you drive one of these and still be viewed as a gear head of sorts? Does anyone here even own one? I personally think these are very jalop, since you can drive around the whole country in them, even if they aren't that sporty. What do you think?

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