How does Oppo handle road rage?

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You’re driving along and something sets you off, you feel the anger! Maybe you tailgate the offending driver, honk excessively, yell obscene things from the safety of your box on wheels - whatever you do as you’re road raging, my question is what do you do to calm yourself down?


Nashville is still booming quite rapidly and our traffic is getting worse and worse daily. Especially with school getting back in session! My wife has become pretty sensitive to her commute - to the point she gets home sounding hoarse from yelling so much. Typically she takes a little time to decompress from the drive as well - I want to drive home (pun intended) it is the commute and not her work/our house/living situation/other life events causing the rage.
She hated her beetle and we were hoping a newer more comfortable car would make it better. We purchased a new CX5 this week, but it hasn’t helped her much (that said, I love the CX5! Great little SUV. The beetle had also left her stranded a few times and never earned her trust back).

She’s tried a rubbing stone, podcasts, stress ball, breathing exercises, blasting music, talking on the phone - none of it seems to help diffuse her road rage.


We discussed moving to a middle ground between my work and her’s. We even had our house on the market for a while, but we really need to invest in some upgrades to sell at the price we want. So we’ve decided to stay and make those changes. Until we are done though, we need a solution.

So what do you do, oppo, to diffuse your road rage?

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