I once had an iPhone 4. It was brilliant. It worked flawlessly and lasted for years. It went all around the world with me and never let me down. Then I downloaded iOS 7. Shortly after that, I upgraded to an iPhone 5s. It was so good, I’ve sworn to never buy another Apple product again! Then came the Samsung Galaxy S5. I like Android, but the phone itself is a total POS. Gobs of Samsung “feature spam”and cheap plastic construction. After about 8 months, it’s time to get another stupid phone. This stupid Samsung’s screen has this fun feature where it won’t turn on unless the phone is at or near the same temperature as my body. Pull it out of my pocket? It works fine. Set it on the table for 12 seconds? Too cold. No go. Also, everyone tells me they can’t hear me, so I have to practically yell into the thing. It’s especially annoying when I call my hearing-impaired dad.

I HATE spending money on this garbage. All I want is a good, solid, reliable phone that will allow me to Facespace, Kinja, Gmail, YooToobe and make calls.

So, any recommendations for something thats:
1. Solidly constructed
2. Reliable- will last 3-4 years.
3. Has a fast enough processor that I won’t be tempted to smash it to bits while waiting for an app to load.
4. Doesn’t cost $700 f%^&ing dollars (sub $200 is nice, sub $150 is better)

I don’t want the newest and best, but I don’t want a $50 cheapie with a crap processor. My top contender is the Lumia 650, but I’m not sure about Windows phones... never messed with one. Also, a refurb Motorola Droid Turbo can be had for sub $200... bad idea?


I’d rather just not spend the money and have this stupid Samsung work... but that isn’t an option. Also, my Samsung TV recently caught fire. And the whole Note 7 thing. No Samsungs, plz.