I have two gas cans like the one pictured below. You know the shitty ones where you have to press down to release the fuel into whatever you’re fueling and all over your hands/pants... I have a small one for the mixed fuel for the backpack blower and weed whacker, and a slightly larger one in which I keep 93 octane for the mower. I keep 93 in there in case I want to use it for the Grom or the cars in a pinch.

I keep them out of direct sunlight, but they’re otherwise exposed. After 3 years they are in rough shape the larger one actually has a split in it, and if you look inside there is more than gasoline floating around in there...So they are both going to my townships next hazardous waste collection.

Sooooo. What shall I do going forward? I was thinking of going for a real metal jerry can or one of the more rigid plastic ones with a standard spout. Something that makes it easy to completely empty the can into a car’s gas tank. If the gas has sat around a few months I like to empty it into the ranger and get new gas.


So what say Oppo? Is one a better choice than the other. Should I build/buy something to stash them in?