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How does Oppo stream?

What device(s) does Oppo use for streaming? My tv does Amazon and Netflix. I have a PS3 that I haven’t used for streaming in forever so I don’t know what it does any more beyond Netflix. I used to have 3rd? gen Apple TV (the first one that could download apps) that had everything I used except Amazon (for whatever reason Amazon and Apple don’t get along) but that stayed with my ex after the break up. I have an early gen Apple TV but I think it only does Hulu and Netflix.

I mostly watch Netflix and Hulu but I used to use the various specific station apps to watch football during the season or amc during walking dead seasons. HBO app for all their various goodness.


Long story short, it’s annoying to have to hop between devices for streaming since I don’t have cable. Now there are so many different devices at different prices it’s a web to crawl through. What do y’all use? The new Apple TV is appealing since I’m familiar and own several Apple products but the price is the highest. I have a 4K tv so would be nice to be able to take advantage of that. Suggestions?

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