Did a bunch of stuff to the bike, heading home and my tach needle just kinda pissed off somewhere. Also I did a bunch of stuff. Pics follow.

The tach was kinda broken anyways so whatever but... lol.

My exhaust situation until today. You’ll notice there is no muffler and the exhaust dumps kinda inward onto the axle. Also, with my feet on the ground, it fluffles my pants.

These were free. I like free. I do not like whale tails though. Modification will have to be done.


I also got replacements for my handgrips that were falling off and a set of cheap bar-end mirrors so I can actually see behind me.


Also this phone mount for navigation purposes and a clock.

The bar-end mirrors installed.


Exhaust! Hideous, lol. And somehow adding these mufflers made the bike louder. I have no clue how. It is, however, much deeper and smoother sounding and the engine seems happier with the backpressure. I’ll probably hack the rear 6 inches off of these and stuff silencers in them and paint the whole exhaust matte black. Maybe wrap it with heat wrap.