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How does *your* car do in the snow?

A nice snowstorm is shaping up here in Wisconsin, so the wife and I scrubbed our dinner plans in favor of spaghetti at home. Getting out of my car at the grocery store, this old dude loading his 90s Accord wagon next to me sized up my car and asked, “how does your car do in the snow?” like he didn’t believe it could handle the weather.

I replied, “it’s got snow tires and all wheel drive, so pretty good!” All he could manage to say was “all-wheel huh, oh...” as if now with this knowledge he decided that my stupid blue BMW can magically conquer all conditions as long as all of its wheels are driven.


Then I went home and made spaghetti for the missus, and we’re still working on that double-size bottle of cheap wine. It’ll probably last the weekend. Maybe.

Also, this upended shopping cart in a snowy parking lot is a profound statement about American consumerism. Not sure what statement it’s making, but it’s profound.


Oliver knows what the shopping cart means.

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