Do you remember Drift Idiot? The guy who started making funny drift videos without any previous driving experience and caught everybody's attention with his hilarious ways of approaching a new hobby and improving himself on each video to become the next Drift King? Well it all has been a big fat lie and here's the proof.

Today is "April's Fools" and coincidentally he just uploaded a new video on his Drift Idiot series, Day 12: Hey I'm Trying Here

Look at him drive, does he looks like someone who's been drifting for barely a year? And isn't it strange that somebody who has barely started drifting is already working on videos with Chris Forsberg, Corey Hosford and attends to all the Formula Drift events? Well, we found that very suspicious so we started to do our own research on this Drift Idiot and we unraveled the truth right here for you.

His real name is Samuel Michaelski, a seasoned race car driver from Poland who spent most of his childhood in Japan where he grew up watching drivers like Max Orido and Keiichi Tsuchiya. He eventually started drifting himself and managed to compete on Japan's D1 Grand Prix for some years.


Apparently one day he got involved in a street drifting accident which forced him to flee the country so he decided to move down with his mother in Arizona and start a new career as a photographer, changed his name to Sam Nalven and left everything behind... until one day he saw a blue 240SX for sale that stole his heart and decided to start over pretending he was a newb.

Well played Drift Idiot.... or shall we call you