When my wife and I lived in D.C., we shared one car, our Cooper S. That was a hell of a lot easier to do there than it is in Texas, so I need a second.

I'm leaning towards a Miata (or a diesel W123 lately, they're really similar you know) and I've seen better local deals on the NB than the NA. The original one is getting tough to find in cheap, non-modified shape.

Does anyone have experience working on the NB? The NA is famously fixable with swear words, and I'm wondering if the second-gen one is the same. Everyone knows Miatas are simple and reliable, I'm curious if this one is easy to fix yourself if you're marginally competent with a hammer or that other thing. What's it called?

Oh yeah, a wrench. That.

Any experience working on these bad boys would be highly appreciated, Opponauts.