When I have time (ha!) I’ll do a proper writeup of my thoughts so far on my new e-Golf’s (spoiler: I love them!), but before I forget I thought I’d share with my captivated audience what sort of range I got from one of my cars.

Roughly 90 miles.

This test isn’t conclusive as A: I didn’t charge it to 100% on Sunday. And B: because of A the car didn’t reset the trip meter so I had to estimate my mileage.

But still, that’s pretty close to accurate, and I’m fairly happy with it. VW and the EPA estimate that the range is 125 miles on the car, but as we all know EPA estimates are generally bullshit unless you live in a lab.

My commute is definitely not sterile. I usually drive 70mph+ in the morning, 12 miles one way. And right now I have the heater on for about half the time. On the way home it’s stop and go until the last few miles when I pin the go fast pedal, which kills my 6.0 kw/miles average and knocks it down to about 4. I also have the AC going the whole time (20-30 miles on average). Then I go to class three nights a week, and use the heater on the way home.

I’m always driving quickly, using that sweet torque, so as I already said, I’m happy with 90 miles. The heater sucks up a TON of power, and the AC doesn’t help. And nor does driving fast, or accelerating fast. But at least now I know what kind of range I get in the real world.


In May I’ll test the long range capability by going 150 miles one way. My goal is to get to my destination only needing to stop twice at a DC Fast station. If the chargers were placed more centrally I think I could easily get there with just one stop.

Stay tuned for more.