Went on a little round trip to meet old friends this weekend. On Sunday, we had local elections, so being the good citizen that I am, I was in a bit of a hurry to get back in time to cast my vote. As it was a Sunday, all semis were banned from driving which made for some nicely flowing traffic, and allowed me to make good progress. Just to be on the safe side, I started a mobile app that warns me of speed traps. Not that I was planning to speed, it was just to erm well, you know, uh, protect my wallet from becoming lighter by travelling too fast. Stupid wallets!

This app has a bonus feature, it uses GPS not only to verify your location and keep your wallet from moving too fast, it also shows you your actual speed, not the crap your speedo tries to sell you as your speed. (I know, some of them are more accurate than others, but they all tend to be on the safe side a.k.a. indicate more than the actual speed.)

I soon found myself trying to get the number up to my car's top speed as stated in the registration. I even got it even higher than that but that was mostly likely due to a slight change in elevation (where do you find a road that is 110% even when you need one). So I can proudly say that I pushed my car to all 100% of it's top speed. But that isn't saying much, because a.) that top speed is only 205 kph (around 138 mph) and b.) I live in Germany, so it wasn't exactly hard to find a place to do so safely and within the law.

But it got me thinking, is it a German thing to be able to do this, or do people in other countries also manage to max out their cars? And if so, where? So how "much" of your car's top speed have you enjoyed so far?


Oh, and BTW, there's some Mini in full camo in that picture. I'm not good at taking pictures while driving, that's why the picture of the AMG 6x6 G-class I also took on this trip shows a lot of sky and headliner, but no car. ;(