So lots of people are stupid. Like reeeeal dumb. So dumb they they can’t put their smart phones away, even when in the driver’s seat of a vehicle.

So naturally a very exciting, addictive, and widely appealing game is causing problems, because of those stupid people. Infact today while exploring with a group of fellow trainers, I witness one of them try to catch a Zubat while driving. Any one who has played Go will know catching a Zubat ain’t easy to start with. Naturally I wanted to punch this friend, but I didn’t. But next time we got in his car I suggested I drive and he can play.

Aaaanyway hears my idea: speed sencers and punishment.

The game already has speed sencers, for example you can not get distance to hatch an egg while moving too fast. You have to be moving at a walking pace.

So let’s employment that tool that is already in place to put a damper on driving while catching ‘em all. The game would do this by simply not allowing the game to work while you are moving at over say 20mph. Even the fastest trainers would have a hard time exceeding that on foot. Know I know what you’re thinking “but Stephen what about stop lights, and traffic. Well if you do exceed this speed limit while the app is open on your phone, the game will lock for an additional 5 minutes, or perhaps the loss of a few pokeballs, or ONE RANDOM POKEMON FROM YOURE INVENTORY! That last one would only take effect after the thrid or fourth offense.

Now this won’t stop everyone, you might even see some of the slowest young drivers ever, and people opening up the app at stop lights, or jammed up traffic. What I suggest you do is let those people rear end you, it will be their fault.