The Nissan Nv200 is to be the sole vehicle approved for use as an NYC Taxi. And I think that the Nv200 is a colossal lump of shit.

Oh, but wait. You can use a hybrid that doesn't have to be the Nissan Nv-Whatever whatever.

Ford pretty much gave up the taxi market after the Crown Vic, and I'm fairly sure that the Nv200 isn't exactly going to be a fan favorite for drivers. It's not like Ford needs to prove their reliability, take a look at all the Escape Hybirds and Crown Vics with over 400k on them. That's going to be hard to live up to.


So, here's the idea. Take a Fusion SE Energi, set up charging stations systematically in the areas of the city that receive the most driver traffic, fit a partition, heavy duty suspension components, vinyl flooring and a column shifter because why not?

It's not a V8 Crown Vic, and it never will be. But at least it looks more iconic than that shitty van thing.

Here's my mock up.