So I went back to the car rental place to swap out the Sonata. The light blue one I was driving would shimmy and shake at freeway speed (probably a bad tire), so I swapped it for a silver one. That’s not what this story is about.

While there, I met an older fellow and we started chatting while we were waiting for service. He was in town visiting relatives and had rented a car which he was returning. When he heard I was swapping cars, he told me he had done the same. His first car was a Prius.

Of course, I had to ask why he swapped the Prius. He told me that he couldn’t figure it out. He spent half an hour trying to get it started on his first outing (it was already started when he picked it up). It was his first experience with a push-button-to-start car. I had to admit that I had trouble figuring it out the first time too, but how hard could it be? Not hard, as long as someone tells you what to do.

It appears nobody bothered to give him 30 seconds of instruction and he didn’t realize that there isn’t any engine noise to tell you it started.


Ah, well. He was much happier with the Malibu.