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How hard is it to get a new 924 windshield?

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As of right now, VERY. What you see above is the windshield the car came with. It’s the last exterior component I need for the car. So here’s how my attempts at getting quotes has gone down:

1. The first place could get one shipped from Germany and installed for $1200. Mind you, I’d read about people having theirs replaced for under $500 and as low as $200. It was a genuine 924 GT (I think they meant Carrera GTS) windshield, so I inquired about using a 944 windshield because the ‘83-85.1 944 windshield is a carryover from the 924.....They never got back to me.

2-3. Neither of their vendors had one in stock for any 924s or early 944s.

4. The same as 2 and 3, but they mentioned if I could find a used one, they’d happily install it. So they pointed me to one in Toledo, still attached to an ‘84 944. I’ve never pulled a windshield and would have to pay for it whether or not it breaks, then drive it an hour back home and take it to be fitted.......Not the worst gamble, but a gamble nonetheless.


5. Same as 2-4.

So now, I’ve contacted Safelite as my last resort prior to attempting removing one from a junkyard car, and I have to wait for them to get back to me on that. Whether or not covid is playing a role in this, who can say. So yeah, it’s going great!

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