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How hard would it be?

To repair a broken timing belt on a “2.0T” 08 Passat? Found a really cheap 08 Passat wagon and I am curious how involved a job it would be and what it may wind up costing on top of buying the car.

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I work on VW / Audi’s and that 105k service interval is a joke. 90k miles would really be the max you want to do on one t-belt. 70-80k range is what more people tend to do to be proactive about it and it is usually recommended by people who know these cars, as well as myself (and other members on here ).

The price of a t-belt job at every 75k is worth it compared to what rebuilding the top end of your engine when the t-belt or a tensioning component fails on you costs.

Edit: Figure I should give my opinion on your questions!

1) Whether I should wait till 90k or get it change now.
-You’re basically at 75k; I’d get it done sooner than later. You really are at the time it should be changed for peace of mind. You’ll probably be okay into the 80k range, but it’s better to get it done and not worry about it just because you want to squeeze out another 1k miles.
2) If I should get it changed then which manufacturer Timing Belt to buy. I want to to get the best one out there.
-ECS tuning really does have decent kits to use. They use Continental Contitech timing belts. The other best choice is getting genuine parts from VW. You can never really go wrong with that.
3) Along with the Timing Belt, is there any other associated parts that I should get changed.
Other than just “the t-belt,” you really should replace the waterpump, tensioner roller, t-belt idler rollers, motor mount bolts, all other bolts for the t-belt rollers/tensioner, and you may choose to or not to get the thermostat changed at the same time.

Also as far as maintenance goes changing the fuel pump cam follower and getting your intake valves checked for carbon buildup and cleaned would be good things to consider.
If you have a FSI engine (which I am guessing you do because you are talking about a timing belt change) and haven’t checked or changed the HPFP cam follower, I would suggest looking into that.

The FSI engine is also prone to PCV issues.

Craigslist ad for reference:


Would likely need a trailer to haul it 250 miles back to Nashville area.

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