If I ever see anything along the lines of "a backup camera—which this long-slung coupelike looker desperately needs" in an article I will no longer support the magazine. Ohmahgerd no one knows how to park so back up cameras are absolutely necessary on anything marginally hard to see out of.

Shut up.

No they're not.

People parked the Lamborghini Countach and it has a toothpick sized cutout for a rear widow.

Next thing you know people will be freaking out if cars can't automatically park themselves or don't have that cool automatically speed-adjusting cruise control that BMW and Mercedes offer.

If you're readers can't park, they shouldn't be reading a car magazine.

To reiterate:


/End Rant

EDIT AND CONTEXT: I drove a 2004 GMC Yukon Denali XL for a few months, and had to parallel park it almost every day. No back up camera. Was it hard? Hell yeah. But I never hit anything but the curb on a few occasions. I feel like a Yukon Denali XL might be slightly harder to see out of than a Mercedes CLA, which is the car that quote is about. I haven't tested that theory, but I'm confident in it.

This post is actually because I am angry that someone at the goddamn body shop backed up into my goddamn car because "they didn't see it." Really? You didn't see a Jeep Wranger while backing up a goddamn Mercury Marauder? It's like twice as fucking tall! This quote was just something I saw that further aggravated me. If you can't park without relying on a backup camera, don't do it. UGH.