Saturday. I was gonna fix my dead car. That happened. Then a whole lot more happened.

Part I Recap: My car was broken, i fixed it then the hood tried to kill me.

So after the hood came up we did the logical thing and pulled over to the side of the road. We beat the hood down a little bit, but it didn't want to go back the way it was. It had a kind of curve the opposite as to what it was supposed to be and as a result it didn't really fit where it was supposed to anymore.

But we knew we had to get home and it was only a few miles away, so i piled back into the car and trudged on(very slowly obviously). So of course we hit a bump and the hood came up again. My dad tried the hole look-under-the-hood-and-drive thing but after a few seconds it was very apparent that was a bad idea. We pulled another quick roadside stop and fixed it a little and continued home.

At this point we didn't know it yet but the car had more problems. Driving home the transmission went (again). So we are overheating, the windscreen is smashed, the hood wont stay down, the transmission is slipping, its freezing, and the windows are broken and i cant get them back up. Good times.


We coasted home and luckily got in the driveway with no more problems. We popped the hood to find the ugliest cocktail of automotive fluids you have ever seen. I think the power steering fluid was the only thing not covering the block.

We made the decision that we felt was best ad read the poor thing her last rights. It was a great car and it did the job but we could tell that someone was looking down on us screaming junk it already!


Now here comes the third part of my story. Still covered in grime, sludge, and intrepid guts my father, my brother and I left to look at used cars. We don't have time during the week so that was the only time to get a new one. I covered up my grease covered clothes with a sweatshirt as we rumbled on down to the dealer. We wanted something relatively new, low miles, and safety, safety, safety. Also auto.

Now before you question these parameters lets give you some perspective. I'm the eldest of my siblings and the only driver so far but my sister is starting in the fall. Now if it was just me that would be driving the car, we would be looking for an old rust bucket V8 with more power and problems than i need. But think about it. Do you really want your 16 year old female new driver in an old muscle car? And a stick is one more thing for her to worry about. (i dont mean to be a stereotypical jerk saying no stick because shes a girl but for reals i don't think my sister could ever drive a stick. ever.)


So let the spoiled comments begin with the car we came home with that met almost all of those comments. We came home with a brand new 2013 Dodge Avenger SXT. 2.4L I4 coupled to a six speed auto feels more powerful than you'd think. Also did i mention that dodge does this thing called the blacked out package? It consists of a blacked out grill, black trim, black paint, black interior, black fog light trim cover/area thing, and of course 18in black wheels. I love it and its my new baby.

My story ends with us looking to donate the intrepid, (should happen tomorrow) so i had to pull all of my stuff out of it which was very saddening. It really signaled the end. But i think ill be okay with my new main squeeze