How I rebuilt an electric mini-dirt bike for $80

Back in December of 2016, I was hellbent on buying a Go-Kart for christmas. Something about the idea of speeding around my neighborhood in a motor vehicle as a 12-year old gave me joy, no matter how small said vehicle was. Eventually though, my parents talked me out of it, they said that if a car suddenly goes behind me, they wouldn’t be able to see me and would run me over (also, there were no go-karts that actually ran in our budget) . Later on I came up with an idea they liked: buying a mini-bike.

The bike I went to buy was the front one with the more colorful stickers

Initially, I wanted to buy a gas mini-bike, but then I remembered that one of my friends in the Dominican Republic had an electric mini-bike, and that thing ran faster than my great-uncles late 1980's POS Corolla (we raced them). To add fuel to the electric fire, I had found a a nice Razor MX350 Mini Dirt Bike for $100. It was scratched and it had no batteries or charger, but every other part looked great. According to the seller, the bike was his loving nephews’, but after they got older, they stopped visiting him and the bikes sat in his wood shed for years, he needed to sell the bikes for emotional relief. As we went to pay for the bikes, he told us he’d sell both of us the bikes for $150. We told him we only had $100 and he said “well, just take them both.” So we got two bikes for $50.

I fixed and sold one of the bikes to a cousin for $80. My first order of business on my bike was of course to replace both the batteries and buy a charger ($30), but after that, I received a FaceTime call from said cousin, he said he painted it:

This was the result, and take my word for it, it looks perfect in real life! It also gave me the inspiration to paint my bike, with help from him of course:


I loved the result, and so did my friends. I took it to one of our get-togethers and every single one of them wanted to ride it. I was at least the 3rd coolest male in our neighborhood then. And then the 2nd when I modded the bike (max speed was 25MPH before, I barely pushed 50 with the mods). Then, briefly the 1st when I dusted a gas bike


So in total, I bought a 50MPH Mini Dirt Bike (that works great off road, by the way) for $80. I think thats a pretty good deal.

P.S: I have some videos of when the bike was first fixed that I have to blur out and then post.


Update: Oh my god! I’ve been shared to the best of the best, the cream de la crem (hon hon): OppositeBlog

Another Update: Repost because it was night when I posted this

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