How I reduced my Taco's mileage by 50%! [Governments hate him!]

...I accidentally and am temporarily committing odometer fraud?

The original gauge cluster and the correct mileage of 253,996 miles.
The new replacement gauge cluster and the incorrect mileage of 126,826 miles.

I always wanted a gauge cluster with a tach so I could keep track of engine speed. Maybe I could get better gas economy around town if I knew when to ease off the gas pedal to reduce engine speed. I found the proper gauge cluster (4-cylinder, column-shifted automatic) out of a junkyard SR5 that was stripped of nearly everything but the dashboard assembly (minus radio and clock) and some rusty mechanical bits.

Anyway, I do love the new cluster with yellow and black two-piece needles and the graph paper grid lines gone from the temperature and fuel gauges. Those one-piece orange needles looked really cheap in retrospect and the 80s grid line graphics needed to go because this is a truck of the 21st century!

Luckily, I found a member on TacomaWorld who offered to correct my digital odometer to match the original mileage for only $75 plus shipping! For me, I don’t want to deal with the hassle or headaches caused by incorrect odometer readings if I took it in for service or if I had to sell it off. Furthermore, I have pride in my truck doing nearly 254k miles, it’s a badge of honor for me to own a truck that’s lasted so long on its original internals!

Well, hopefully I’ll have this odometer stuff sorted out by May!

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