How I spent my Sunday, or why I love living where we can autocross year round.

Sunday morning was chilly and rainy in the middle of Texas, but that wasn’t going to stop me. I was going out racing. It was the Austin Spokes autocross #12 for 2018 and while I didn’t need the points to secure my spot for year end trophies, I was going to have some fun anyway.

This was also the first opportunity I’ve had to actually introduce my youngest daughter to the sport. We had done the Tire Rack Street Survival school together, and the young lady there who instructed her said my daughter had a natural rhythm and could do well at autocross. If only she was an enthusiast. Since it was chilly, she declared early on that my passenger seat was hers, so I made her get a loaner helmet.


We ran two heats, getting six runs in for everyone. I spent the first heat running the timing computer. Personally I feel that it’s the best job in autocross. I get to sit, out of the sun and the wind, and type instead of run around after cones. The rain stopped early and through the first heat the course dried out pretty well, with cars getting faster in their later runs. It was no surprise though that the afternoon heat was even faster as the cars cleared the course of water and other things that make things slick.

I took 1st in STP, entirely because I was the only car there. I was expecting one other driver, but he decided that with the chance of rain through the day that he wasn’t coming out. I have already taunted him accordingly.

STP is unfortunately going away as a class in SCCA next year, so I’ll be in CAM-C starting in January. I have one more event coming up, in December, to lock down a trophy position in a second Autocross club.

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