Caddy ELR... Loved it's shape and look since it debuted as a concept.

It is a thoroughly modern, clean, sleek fastback coupe that isn't inexorably tied to 40-50 year old traditions.

But why can't a standard vehicle with a standard drivetrain look this good? Why must it be built on a pile of hundreds of pounds of lithium batteries mined from the third world, and running the risk of becoming an unforeseen inferno?

Heck, if a car like that was fuel-based hybrid, with a nearly full-time LNG burning power generation plant powering electric traction motors (and a Volt-like high-speed kinetic engaged cruise mode), with a minimum amount of battery ballast on board, that is easily replaceable, or capacitors rather than batteries...

But just something affordable, long-range, reliable, safe, and reasonably sporty...



Why can't any other mainstream coupes look anywhere near that good?