how in the?

Actually, I know how. But dammit it all to hell.


While attempting to leave this parking lot, I managed to drive right into a well camouflaged hole. Besides the expected yet still unsettling noise from the car, I heard a loud bang above me. Did a quick check to make sure the bike was still there. Wasn’t until I looked at it from the front did I realize the crossbar itself was bent.

Being a long ways from home, and worried it might crack, I concocted a plan.

Found a little hardware store and got two steel flat bars and some gorilla tape.

First I bent the crossbar back into shape as best I could by propping it on this root and stomping on it.


Then there was the trimming down of the flat bar. The hardware store wouldn’t do it for me so I had to buy a hacksaw and do it myself.


I stacked the two bars and shoved them inside the crossbar and then gorilla taped the entire section. Figured even if the aluminum cracked then it shouldn’t come apart.


Held up quite nicely. Got my bike home at least.


Ordered a new set, but I’m not doing any riding right away anyways since the impact also destroyed the front wheel on the bike. -_-

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