I mean, the Leaf isn’t exactly a pretty car. In fact, its kinda bad. Actually, it’s pretty ugly.

Photo: Nissan

Actually, its hideous.

Photo: Nissan

But, entice the thought if only for long enough to scroll to the comments and express your anger.

This is a new, not titled, visual monstrosity 2017 Leaf discounted to $21,350. New, as in, 3yr/36,000mi basic warranty, 5yr/60,000mi powertrain warranty, but most importantly: 8 year 100,000mi battery replacement warranty. Granted, this is if the battery loses 9 bars of capacity or more (on a 12 bar scale.)


Pending that your employer can share an outlet or install an EV charging station for a tax break, it could be charged for little to nothing.

Uncle Sam is presently offering a $7500 tax incentive on these hideous beautiful machines. The state I’m presently residing in is offering $5000 in tax incentives.

So, if you’re still here, that’s $12,500 in tax returns for next year. Subtract this from the cost of the poo on wheels car and we’re at $8850.


Pros: Since its not a moto, the better half can also operate it. Since it has a roof, it’s good for 12-month operation. It has four seats, but I’d be hard pressed to find another two humans that would be OK being seen in it. Maybe a doggo?

Cons: Nissan Leaf.

Would you drive one for about $1-3 per 100 miles of travel and $8850 + TTL? If it proves to be just the worst thing on pavement, it could probably be sold in a year for around $9k, so that would be a wash.