Oppo, you may want to see this.

"We didn't forget to also ask about what's in store for the New York Auto Show in April. After the 2015 Ford Edge-based MKX got its 15 minutes of fame at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month, we have learned that "an all-new large sedan" will debut at NY, underpinned by an architecture that "won't be FWD."

Ring ring, we have a winner - it's the 2016 Lincoln MKS sedan without any shadow of doubt.

Further details haven't been shared, but from what we've learnt, we can tell the following: the rumored Continental nameplate may not return with this all-new MKS (sorry Neil Young and Pono Music), the mysterious D6/CD6 rear and all-wheel drive platform is highly probable to debut on this full-size sedan. Our hunch is that the MKS' sister model Ford Taurus will also adopt this skeleton for the 2016 model year."

As one of my ancestors used to say... "interesting, if true"