How is This Being Overlooked (Ford Carbon Monoxide Rant)?

What’s wrong with this article?

Here, let me point it out for you.

“There have been other reports from police departments of carbon monoxide seeping into their cruisers, and other crashes as well. Now Ford thinks it may have determined the cause: unsealed holes drilled in the body of the vehicle for wiring of emergency lights and radios.”


Article goes on to say how Ford is not taking responsibility for the issues arising from carbon monoxide intrusion into the cabin.

Then the very next paragraph:

“Ford also says there have been reports of cracked engine manifolds, which it is checking for in police Explorers, but the company says this issue is unrelated to the carbon monoxide entering the cabin.”


First, let’s start with how exceptionally effective 3 way catalytic converters are at reducing carbon monoxide levels to perfectly safe to breath levels out of the tail pipe of modern gas engines. Exceptionally effective. Guess what happens when you have an exhaust leak before those catalytic converters, like, say, FROM A CRACKED EXHAUST MANIFOLD. SEVERAL TIMES HIGHER concentration of Carbon Monoxide and other harmful to breath pollutants. But NOOOO, the cracked exhaust manifolds have NOTHING to do with carbon monoxide poisoning, despite the fact that a cracked exhaust manifold is not only allowing untreated exhaust to escape, but it’s also escaping UNDER THE HOOD exactly where all these extra holes were cut for additional equipment. If there were no exhaust manifold leaks, exhaust would exit behind the car, properly treated, and would not intrude into the cabin anyway.


Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining, OK?

This is the difference between your typical deny all liability American corporation and Volkswagen, who cheated emissions tests for NOx, but those emissions didn’t actually do any real harm to people, then they come out and give consumers by far the most generous compensation package in history.


Meanwhile in America, people are being hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning and crashing their vehicles, Ford is just like “Nope, not us! It’s the aftermarket! Oh, nevermind the epidemic of cracked exhaust manifolds, that’s nothing.”

What the fuck. You can’t be serious. Where’s the blood sucking lawyers on this one? Where’s the media faux outrage they’re normally so good at? Nah, Ford says that’s not a problem, let it go.



I think once again I get to blame the media’s and greater world at large’s lack of understanding of basic mechanical principles. You have no idea how many times I’ve gotten incensed reading articles that are trying to cover technical aspects of the automotive world but so completely miss the mark because the author just does not have the basic understanding required to make an accurate report.


Guess the guys who do understand how it all works are too busy actually working on the problems to be bothered to write about it.

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