I did not sleep well last night. Despite being tired this morning, I decided to go for a ride. I like my Vespa. I got the amber signal housings, but have not had time to put them on. I am about ready to dig back in on this project. It needs some mechanical TLC before summer, so stay tuned.

It is a really pretty day after our recent rain concluded with a nice thunderstorm. My cars take up all the space in front of my house. That’s my mom’s Acura. She is visiting.


I went to the auto parts store - not the close one. I bought LED bulbs, and switched out the tail and reverse lights on the Sunchaser. The rear signal lights will not work with LED, so they stay incandescent. I know I am biased, but it it is a handsome car. My deviations from stock (minilites, Nardi, Black Flag logo) are all things an owner might have done back in the 80s. LED not so much.


For my birthday in May, I asked my wife for the super-nice three window rear top. This woman bought me a Nardi for Xmas, so I bet she comes through.

The disappointment of the day was the discovery that the Vespa is no longer compatible with California’s ever evolving gas pump emissions control equipment. This has been an issue since I bought it, but there was a Sinclair by my house that worked. It did not work today. I guess I will have to buy a gas can and fill from that. Any ideas? ( Yes, I am aware that non-California Oppos are presently doubled over in laughter.)

I don’t want to store much gas at my house. Oh yeah, I bought ramps to lift the cars for wrenching at a garage sale! Life is ok.