My pool is almost clean and ready for summer, and I feel pretty good. I have to go to my office and make a powerpoint for a seminar I am teaching to a bunch of winegrape folks in Napa, but after a morning of pool cleaning, I am having a well-deserved beer as a reward first.

As I think about graduating from a scooter yo a motorcycle, I think the first one should be cheap and limited on power. I keep eyeballing old Japanese bikes like this as a starter bike for practice. I’m not saying I would buy this, but less than $2k, 500-600 cc (or less) for a bike I won’t be upset if I drop. What do you think?


Realistically, I am a couple of years out from buying a “cool” bike. I have gone over budget on the Sunchaser, and my wife very sweetly asked me if we could save for new windows and exterior paint on the house. She is very patient with my vehicles, so a savings plan has to go her way before I add another motor to the driveway.

NOTE: I have already tried to explain that motorcycles do not take up nearly as much room as those old Datsuns I keep showing her, and won’t involve the same kind of restoration costs. She just smiles sweetly ams looks at me like a special education child in her classroom.

ADMISSION: Sitting here nursing a beer and playing on Oppo instead of doing my dumb powerpoint. Sue me.

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