Isn't it funny how attached we drivers get to our cars? After just 5,000 miles of driving my vRS, I've formed a close friendship with her. It's sad that friendship is about to come to a premature conclusion.

Many of you may know from reading some of my other posts that I suffered a nasty back injury around the start of the year. Recovery has been very slow, I suffer from a connective tissue disorder that means I heal twice as slowly as an ordinary person. Recovery time? Six to twelve months. The truth is; I need a more comfortable car now.


I've really tried very, very hard to be able to get back into my vRS, and actually I've succeeded and been able to drive her on a few occasions. Unfortunately my experience of driving her has been painful and stressful. Equipped with sporty seats and a lower than average ride height, just being able to get in has been a painful challenge, and being 6ft 2 doesn't help much either. Once squeezed in, the firm ride has been uncomfortable, and very painful for my back after just twenty miles or so. All of this means I simply don't drive her, and that means I'm left stuck at home. So, I've taken the decision to change my car for another, and lose the car I love.

Call me mushy, soppy, emotional, or whatever, but the 5,000 miles I spent in this car covered some of the best times of my life. This is the car that me and my girlfriend toured the south of England in. Showing her around was a privilege, and being able to take her to some of the most beautiful places in the world in such a great car was truly special. We even drove through a safari park and laughed when these guys climbed all over the car...

Monkey business aside (couldn't resist that line!), I worked really hard for this car. Getting this car was a culmination of a good two years of working hard at my job, passing a qualification, and slowly discovering what I wanted from a car. When push came to shove, I negotiated a tight deal to be able to afford it after I was present for the world unveiling of the car back at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the summer of 2013.


I'm a big believer in the Skoda brand, they're easily VAG's best brand, and they make absolutely excellent cars that people vote for year after year as the best in the country. This car was the embodiment of both my belief in the brand, and my personal taste in cars. An affordable hot hatch with plenty of oomph, a great look, and my colour scheme and specification.


So this is a farewell to my Skoda Octavia vRS. It safely took me and the love of my life around some of the most beautiful places in England, it got me cool compliments from work mates like "wow, nice car!", and it always truly felt like my car. My style, my way, my Skoda. It's hard to really put my finger on, but in memories, moments, and feelings this car was very special indeed. I'm very sad to see it go with all of those things still wrapped around it.

I believe I've replaced it with something rather good, but perhaps a little embarrassing. I'll be looking forward to sharing that with you all very soon, but until then; Farewell vRS! You've been a wonderful car, for a truly wonderful time of my life.

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