How long did it take you to learn stick?

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Yesterday I was given a chance to drive my brother's Evo. It is a manual, and I have been slowly learning how to drive a manual. My experience with Manual transmissions start in 2008 when I was 16. My dad had a 94 Miata, which I had a few lessons on, but he had to sell it before I was done learning. For almost 5 years I had no access to a manual car to learn on. I was saved when my brother bought a 04 Boxster. I had a some more lessons on it, and I got to the point where I could drive on public streets without stalling or rolling back. My brother now is leasing an Evo to complement his Porsche. When I drove it yesterday I stalled it twice before I could get going but I was pretty good after that. I still need some more practice, but I can now say I can drive a manual, even though it took me 6 years to do so. So tell me Oppo, how long did it take you to learn stick?


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