How long will you guys work on something with the tools on hand before giving up and getting the right tools?

I found my limit is right around 20 minutes. If I spend that much time trying to do something I know would be easy with the right tools I stop what I am doing and go get the tools.

Unrelated car for your time

Oh...also. I hate, hate, hate these stupid flaring kits


Any of you able to get decent flares with these on a consistent basis? Every time I’ve tried these it takes 3-5 tries to get a good flare. I debur the tubing, file the edges, and have even used cutting oil to try and help but inevitably the flares go crooked or don’t bend over properly. Maybe a better quality one would help, but if I ever need to do a ton of brake line work in the future I’m almost inclined to go by a nice hydraulic flaring tool.