Well let ME tell YOU!

Street driving without banging gears like your best friend does to your mom; lasted me a good 3 years.

Since I had a spare diff to toss in I figured why the hell not? Bought some M/T drag radials, headed to the strip and lined up to do my first shake down run.

I left like an absolutely GRANDMA didn’t even launch the car whatsoever. All it took was about 1.5 seconds of wheel hop to crack every tooth on the pinion gear.

If you listen to the video of me turning around at the end of the strip you can hear the rear end clacking away.

This was my old car and an old video but may serve as entertainment for current S2000 enthusiasts.


So what did I do? Fixed it and rather than doing a Ford rear end or something of that nature, then beefing up the transmission with a Supra trans, etc. I sold the car and bought a car built from the factory to handle higher HP :D