Well I got a gold medal with Kasumi, a bronze with Ayane, and a nice 6 minute time with Jann Lee. . . Oh and 68 minutes with Tina. WHAT!?! THE!?!? FUCK?!?!? I am so pissed right now! It was only 10 minutes for most of the characters, but the final boss just pooped right on my chest for the next 58 minutes. Why didn't I quit? Pride, that's why. Am I stupid? Hell yes I am, but this was a matter of penis size. . . If I didn't beat her, then I would just be annoyed for the next day or so, you know that feeling. Anyone play this game? Then you know the annoyance that is the final boss, and her 12 hit combos of ultimate doom.

Also, please note, I am not an expert at the game, I just play it for fun. BTW, totally fun with friends! You beat the poop out of each other, and laugh at the jiggle physics.

Also enjoy this, for listening to my anger.