How Long Have You Been Working on Cars?

I was asked a couple of days ago how long I've been working on cars. I didn't have an immediate, exact answer, other than all my life. Really. I had never really given much thought to how long our family had been in automobile business.

You see, my father, and two of his brothers, the children of German immigrants to the United States, originally started their business running gas stations in the Flint, Michigan area during the late 1950's. Over the next twenty years they built a company that, among other things, owned a racetrack, many gas and repair stations, and was a testbed for products like Bahrdol and Bowes Seal Fast around the Motor City.

Now, as I look at the photograph, I realize that my family has been in the automobile business for over 60 years, and, it's still going strong today on two continents. I can't remember a time when there wasn't a car being worked on, restored, renovated, or otherwise being tinkered with.


Yes, everything has grown in complexity. Yes, all the problems have gotten bigger...but the love of cars has stayed the same.

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