Yesterday featured a mini rant of sorts from me about my weekend test drive of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. To reiterate, I love trucks and always have. The Wrangler had been on my radar for my car search last year but I went in another direction entirely (for reasons I actually forget).

I love how this looks. Really. The hard top calls to me, the modularity is appealing and many people that know me are waiting for me to get a truck again (drove one in high school and apparently the ST isn't quite "me", whatever that means). I want one. Two car garage is out of the question because 1) I don't have a garage and 2) I don't have the money for two cars.

I'm prone to fleeting fancies so perhaps this will pass but my love of rugged vehicles suggests that it will not. So, I am indulging my fantasies. Some background:

I bought my ST in June after an extensive car search last year. It is fast, fun, puts a smile on my face every day but terrifies me with low ground clearance and I feel it is a shame that I do not use it to its potential. My commutes are such that I cruise around town in 6th at low rpms. Trips on the highway are fun but short...longer trips are not along the deregulated autobahn so any sort of speed that this is made for is unattainable (without being an absolute Masshole endangering the lives of others). It is a beautiful car outside with so many bonuses inside. Note: if my hair stands up a little it rubs against the ceiling haha.


The Wrangler has been a thing of my fancy for years. It is rugged, it is basic, it is everything the ST is not. It doesn't have all the fancy gizmos that other modern cars have (a quality that was very appealing to me because basic means less things to worry about). It has the ground clearance. It can hold my snowboard (the ST can as well, actually). It doesn't make me pee my pants whenever I go over a speedbump. It will encourage me in my outdoor endeavors. It also fits my frame better. But it doesn't have the same kind of "stuff" that I've grown accustomed to from the ST.

I looked up the value for my ST (nada and kbb, but I'm kinda sick of kbb...). The ST is currently valued greater than what is on my loan. Cool! That doesn't factor in the tax I had to pay, though, so not cool. But for simplicity sake in this hypothetical situation, let's say that doesn't matter. So...I could sell the ST (to a good home) and find a used Wrangler for less, have a lower monthly payment and use the excess from the ST sale to cover tax.


The lower monthly payments is appealing because I will be moving apartments in the summer and no matter where I go the new place will be more expensive.

Now, this is just a hypothetical situation. I'm not acting on anything and even if the perfect situation was to align I do not see myself with a Wrangler within the next 6 months.

Part of me thinks it is a great idea. Part of me thinks it's a cop-out from my previous buying experience. Part of me thinks I should have done this initially. Another part of me thinks that I would regret selling the ST (if I were to act) 6 months later and I would be back where I started.


I've been asking outside opinions on my thought process and my girlfriend suggested making a post in Oppo where opinions run rampant and knowledge is greater than my own. Any opinions or input would be greatly appreciated. I did not have extensive time in the Wrangler so I can't speak for daily driving. I just need to get this out of my system.

Thanks guys.

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