Here’s an idea that is so fraught with idiocy I am startled that TWO different people - I mean “companies” - have come up with it at the same time. Flame throwers for “consumer” use.

Yes, we all remember the good old-fashioned flamethrowers. Bulky and unweildy, our brave soldiers used them in some of the ugliest fighting in World War II. Remember Saving Private Ryan?

I’m not sure that a lot of those returning soldiers came home and said, “Gee, I wish I could get my hands on a flame thrower today.” But some enterprising fellows have built flamethrowers you can buy. Portable and apparently easy to use. Hey, they run on gasoline.

Well, let’s see. Who will ban this first? The EPA, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or just every government body capable of passing laws? Or will they be put out of business by the avalanche of lawsuits which will arise from what is apparently a dangerous product?


I suggest we turn this into a game. I can’t imagine this will take that long.

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