As I posted up a couple weeks ago, we bought my wife a new car from out of state. It was a 2017 model and was a factory demonstrator for an area Kia representative, never privately titled, under 16k miles when we bought it.

Anyway - this morning the TPMS sensor kicks on and says the pressure is low in one of the tires. I check and one was down to 25lbs. Fill it up and check again about three hours later - down 1.5lbs more. Clearly leaking. Ugh.

My wife takes it to Discount Tire (since they patch for free) and they pull the tire off and there’s a plug in the shoulder. Sonofabitch. EDIT: Clarification - Discount Tire determined the leak is coming from the plug, which is in the tread near the shoulder of the tire. Also said it was unable to be patched.

So, my question is, how loudly should I complain to the dealer about selling me a car with a plugged tire, if at all?