How Low Can You Go? Update

Can you tell from the picture the direction this blurb is going? A friend from the States is over currently for a bit and after doing me a favour and picking me up from a friends little soirée last night (btw paramedic students and cards against humanity = good times, very horrible but good times) however he ended up fiddling with the Twilight Sentinel Module that control the auto headlights in my car, for some reason and as a result put my headlights in manual on mode. Cue 20 hrs later and I'm heading to the grocers for some stuff and my car is dead, not even a flicker or a chime dead. I got out the charger for my battery, and its one of the intelligent chargers mind you, and it cannot even recognize thats its connected to a battery. Voltmeter reading across the terminals is not good - 0.16 V when it finally settles. I have a friend coming over later and we are gonna try and revive the battery with a jump and see if we can build enough capacity that my charger can take over but I might be getting a new one pretty quick here if that doesn't pan out. Interesting start to the afternoon I must say.

Update: She lives for now...currently idling away and recharging we'll see how that works but she fired right away from a boost so fingers crossed.


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