How Low Will It Go?

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Welcome to a new and exciting game I just came up with. How low will it go? In this game we will try to predict the low point of a cars depreciation curve. Maybe we will predict if it will ever be worthy of Travish's articles "You could get this awesome car for the price of this beige car." Enjoy and good luck!


For today's prediction let us look at the stunning Audi R8. Specifically we will be focusing on the bottom of the range V8 model. With an almost pedestrian 420hp some struggle to even call this goliath a supercar. One of the last mid engined cars to be offered with a manual transmission how low with this car plummet in price before it starts to appreciate? Will the manual be worth more than the paddle shifter or vice versa? You decide Oppo and let me know your reasoning and price in the comments below!

Hint: Consider the depreciation of other one time wonders that shacked up the supercar world when they were released.

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