Welcome to How Low Will it Go? In this game we will try to predict the low point of a cars depreciation curve. Keep in mind we cannot predict inflation rates, therefore keep all predictions in 2015 dollars. Enjoy and good luck!

And welcome back to HLWG. Today we will be looking at another 4 door super car (if that is a thing?). The Aston Martin Rapide. One has to wonder what is more quick the rapid acceleration or how rabidly it will will deplete the owners bank account? One of the biggest bills you will be paying for is the gas bill that 5.9 liter V12 engine makes 470 thirsty horses. Right now the cheapest one can be bought for 88k with the average falling right at 116k. Quite a hefty price for a car slower than a 60,000 dollar police car. But then again the Charger will never really have the class of a James Bond limousine. How much lower will this four door go? Will the two extra holes kill the value? You decide in the comments below!