do I have to provide you to help me/show-me-how-to install these oppo...? Seriously. I’ve got this terrible feeling I’ll do it by myself, and something will go wrong leaving me carless, penniless and curled up in the fetal position...

Anywho. Xida Coilovers. These particular ones were ordered with 700/400 pound spring rates, secondary helper springs and new NB tophats. For those of you not in the roadster world, these are widely regarded as the best suspension choice for NA/NB Miatas, bar none (there may be versions for later gens as well... I pay more attention to what I can afford haha.) They’re designed solely for the Miata by the wizards at 949 Racing. I almost bought TEINs, which would have still been a wonderful upgrade over my tired stock suspension parts, but last minute canceled my order and decided to wait.

Two weeks later and all the YouTube coilover installations in the world still haven’t given me the confidence to get these on. Help. You’re my only hope.

Here’s Sharka, a very nice example of another NA with Xidas