What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Someone recently mentioned that their old Mercedes had 24 spark plugs that they had to change in the past.

And my mind immediately thought of beer.

My initial reaction was "One beer per spark plug?"

But that got me thinking some more.

The spark plugs are harder to change on some cars and easier on others.

On my car, when you try to change the spark plugs, this is what you're presented with:

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Can you spot the spark plugs or the wires? No?

That's because they're under the intake.

Luckily the intake is easy to remove. Just undo the screws, lift it off and use a bungee cord to hold it out of the way, cover up the lower portion of the intake so crap doesn't get in there and the rest is easy.


I rate my car 1/2 a beer per spark plug. And that's based on how quickly I drink beer, how long it takes me to complete the spark plug changing job and dividing that time on a per-spark plug basis.

How many beers per spark plug is your car?

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