How Many Cars Would You Actually Own?

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We all like to gawk over supercars and top-trim fancymobiles and wish for every kind of vehicle we desire to appear in a Leno-esque garage to which we have the keys. Then we succumb to the reality that Lamborghinis don't make the best daily drivers and thus buy a Focus or Golf. But really, how many vehicles would we own given the chance?


For this exercise, assume you don't have to worry about the cost or tax of buying a vehicle, but you are responsible for all the running costs, including insurance and whatever is required for registration. You also are not allowed a magic separate structure to store vehicles; you must park them on your property or property you can afford to rent out. How many vehicles would you own?

I'm restricted by a semi-crowded street parking situation, though I do have half of a two-car garage at my disposal. So I'd probably keep my Dart for DD and park it out front along with a FIAT 500 for trips into denser areas, with a Cherokee on winter tires stashed away in the garage for winter duty and a BMW C650GT beside it for quick summer trips to go meet up with friends or something. I'd still have enough money room for other wanted vehicles like a truck or wagon, just no room to store them. I also can't trade my Dart/FIAT in for a Volt/i3 because I rent and can't install a home charger in the garage.


So, for me, three cars and a scooter. This is in stark contrast to my fantasies of owning a Cadillac, an S-Class, a McLaren, a truck, a minivan, a full-size SUV, a wagon, and something like 5 different sedans/hatchbacks for regular use.

What about you?

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